Artist Information Packet

Artist Information Packet

Curious about how we operate?

Please read through the following information for an overview of how we work and, more importantly, how you get paid!

For specific questions or concerns, contact us at <Email>

What do we do with your art?

When you upload your art on our website, you are giving us permission to use the art you upload to make products. 

We specialize in dakimakura (body pillows) and mouse pads, and offer many other products as well. We may also, at our discretion, create more products with your art at no charge to you, to increase sales and exposure (that you get paid for!) for your art and brand.

You will receive a payout for all the products we make with your art before they are made available for purchase. You can find the payouts for individual items on page 2. Your art may also be used for promotional purposes like advertising products, website design, or dressing up our table/services at conventions or online.  

We also offer printing services for artists who desire to sell prints; however, we do not sell prints ourselves at conventions or on our website. 

When do I get paid?

You get paid BEFORE an item goes live, except on rare occasions where we print upon ordering. For those items, you get paid at the end of the month for all items shipped that month.

For example, you upload Sparklewolf.Dakimaura.JPG and we receive it. Before it is available for sale, it goes through the approval process. Once approved, we decide to produce ten dakimakuras with your art. You will then receive a payout for those ten dakimakuras according to the price listed in the chart on page 2. Then we go into production and make those dakimakuras with your art available for purchase.

Now let’s say we decide Sparklewolf.Dakimakura.JPG would look great as a gaming mat—an item that we only print to order. A customer orders this gaming mat with your art on it in late March, and by early April the gaming mat has been produced and shipped. You will receive a payout for that gaming mat at the end of April, when it shipped.

How much do I get paid?

We do our best to fulfill our payouts while still being able to continue to do business; however, our payouts are subject to change. There will always be an announcement in our announcement channel on Telegram, posted in the artists chat no less than thirty days prior to any payout changes.

Things that would spark a payout change include, but not limited to, production costs increases/decreases, shipping cost increases/decreases, and storage cost increases/decreases. This Telegram channel will have a list of previous payouts per item, and the reason for the change. For example: “Green Widgets: $11 per unit, previously $10. Reason: Production Cost Decrease.”

We will attempt to re-evaluate payout amounts every quarter. 

Current payouts are listed below:


Payout Per Unit (USD)




Up from $13 in Dec 2022 due to production cost decrease.

3D Mousepads


Down from $9 in 2022 due to a distributor price increase.


$.50 x 25

We print 25 at a time for designs so payout will be 12.50. :)


Avg $7

Price Varies Based On Size/Price.

How often am I requested to create a new product?

You can create a new product as often as you like. While all items are not guaranteed to be approved for all categories, we generally try to make sure we can get things out there when they are offered, subject to approval.

We also understand that life comes at you HARD sometimes, so if you are ever in a situation where it will be some time before you can produce something new, please let us know so that we can work with you on this.

We request that we get a new design for our two flagship products—dakimakura and mousepads—twice a year. (Total of 4 Designs Per Year)

Why do you ask that we make new stuff at least twice a year?

As we are a product-based business, we humbly request that artists commit to producing new designs for products at least twice a year, preferably for dakimakura and/or mousepads.

We know that good art takes time, but a steady influx of new art is essential for maintaining a fresh, up-to-date catalog of products that encourage customers to keep coming back.

If this is an issue for you, please reach out to us and let us know so we can explore alternative solutions. Otherwise will attempt to contact you to make sure everything is okay, and if we can not reach you we will have to assume that you are no longer active and no longer wish to use our service.