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  • Dakimakura (All Versions)

    Our entire selection of dakimakura pillow covers SFW and NSFW (18+ Content Inside)

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  • 3D Mousepads

    Our ergonomic 3D mouse pads give unmatched wrist support while adding a little spice! (18+ Content Inside)

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  • Stickers!

    Our Lineup of Stickers, from Cute and Cuddly to Lewd and Sexxy! (18+ Content Inside)

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  • Key chains and Charms!

    Welcome to our exclusive collection of keychains and acrylic charms! Our charms are double-sided, boasting a mesmerizing sparkle thanks to our signature glitter epoxy resin finish.

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  • Comics & Art Books (SFW and NSFW)

    Discover our curated book selection, where every page holds a story waiting to be explored. Please note: some titles are for mature audiences (18+). Dive into worlds of adventure, romance, and intrigue—find your next favorite read today!

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  • Special Orders! (Coming Soon)

    This is where we house our pre-orders, items that are out of stock, and older items we no longer carry main-line! But you can still get them!

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