About Us

Paw to Press was started in 2016 when our very first artist (Shout out to you, you know who you are.) Was struggling with their current provider.

Having spoken to them at length over a couple years before hand, our founder Cesar, decided to help out by making prints for them and getting product produced for the convention coming up.

They were so impressed with the quality that we were able to produce for them that they asked if we could do it for them from then onward, so we did!

Over the following few months, word of mouth spread and our artist list grew!

Around 2019 there was an issue at another printing house that caused our artist list to grow even more, and even faster than before. Which when the pandemic hit caused a lot of finance trouble for us. More artists, ment more space and more products needed, and no con's means less income!

There was a point that we thought things were going to go under, but the amazing artists and staff at conventions that we work with, helped us get through the burdens by allowing us time to get things straight and get people paid.

Our staff has grown to include more people now, and more conventions. While issues are bound to happen in any business, we have a quality group of artists and staff that are working hard all the time so we look forward to a bright future!

As of this writing its now 2023 and we are looking better than ever, and with the new restructured site things are on track for that very same future.