FAQ - Paw to Press

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Does ____ Mean?

Pre-Order: This item has never been printed before, and we're currently in the process of creating our initial stock. Pre-orders are used to fulfill 'early bird' orders and to gauge the product's potential success on our site. The duration of pre-order periods varies based on the phase, but typically, items ship within 1-10 weeks.

Backorder: Backordered products are items we usually carry but are currently sold out. These orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. When we conduct a production run, we include the required quantity along with any outstanding backorders. Once the stock arrives, customers who placed backorders after production get priority access. Any remaining stock is then made available on the website. Generally fulfilled within 6-8 weeks.

In Stock: When an item is marked as "In Stock," it means we have inventory ready to ship. We usually ship every other day during slow periods, with dedicated shipping days falling on Tuesdays. Orders placed on Monday or Tuesday will ship the following week, while those received on Wednesday through Sunday will ship on the next Tuesday.

How Can I Contact You for Unanswered Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via email. Please be patient, as we are a small team managing both orders and emails. We prioritize order processing and then respond to emails on a first-come, first-served basis. Some days, we might not be able to address all emails, but we strive to respond as promptly as possible.

Who Are the People Behind Paw to Press?

At present, the individuals contributing to our operations include:

  • Bastion: Our spotty dog assisting with tasks around the office, conventions, and the print shop.
  • Cesar: Our owner, overseeing conventions, artist relations, finance, customer service, and more.
  • Desta: Focusing on email management, general assistance, and ensuring breaks and meals are taken.
  • Kuiper: Our fox team member aiding with conventions, artwork, and print shop responsibilities.
  • Xalia: Our goat doe heading shipping and logistics operations.

Which Conventions Do You Attend?

We actively participate in various conventions each year, although acceptance is never guaranteed upon application. Some of the conventions we regularly apply to (in no particular order) include:

  • Anthrocon
  • Megaplex
  • Anthro Northeast
  • Furpocalypse
  • FWA
  • Midwest Fur Fest
  • Biggest Little Furcon
  • Further Confusion

I Found an Image Online, Can You Print It for Me?

Sorry, we can't print images without proper authorization from the artist.

I Commissioned Artwork of My Character; Can You Print It?

That depends. If the artist's TOS allows it or if you own the rights, we can proceed. We'll also confirm with the artist to ensure compliance.

But It's My Character, I Own the Rights to It!

While you own the character's rights, you might not own the rights to the artwork. This topic can be complex, and as we're not legal experts, we follow legal guidance.

Can I Commission an Item from You?

We can assist with custom items at times. Prices for custom Dakimakura start at $500 and vary based on artist, complexity, and other factors. Different items like mousepads, stickers, and prints also have their individual pricing.

Question: Who Is Paw to Press?

Answer: Paw to Press emerged as a response to concerns about odd looks in mainstream stores and as an alternative to print shops within the furry fandom. Our journey began with one artist who transitioned to us due to unsatisfactory experiences with a previous printing company. Word spread, and we grew into the entity you see today. Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, we're bouncing back with the support of our artists and customers.

Our Background (As Shared by Cesar):

"So, I went to my mentor in the print shop business by the name of Dan (Aloha Dan, Mahalo for your help through all these things!) He taught me the most important rule in a business like this is to make sure your customers come back.

"You won't make a profit on every sale, or every time. But if you make sure you do everything reasonably in your power to make something right, you walk away every time profitable in the long run."

So when I saw how few options furries had, and how they were treated, I wanted to apply Dan's teachings to my community.

TLDR: We are a company that learned you don't need to give crappy customer service to make a profit, so we applied it to the fandom we grew up in.

Where Are You Located?

As a small business, there's a possibility of relocation. However, currently, we're situated in CT.

Why Choose Paw to Press for Buying/Selling?

Our stringent quality control is a cornerstone. Most of our products are crafted in-house, with externally sourced items undergoing thorough inspection. Our commitment ensures that subpar items are never shipped. The driving force behind Paw to Press was addressing artists' complaints about inconsistent quality from other print shops. We've served both civilians and government clients, never compromising on quality.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

In case of oversight or customer dissatisfaction, we take all reasonable steps to rectify the situation. However, there are exceptions:

  • Transit-damaged items require addressing through the carrier (USPS, UPS, FEDEX).
  • Custom items approved by the buyer via proof (digital or physical) may be edited or redone for a fee.
  • Customers can return items (at their expense) for a refund (minus a 10% restocking fee), which may increase to 25% if the return damages the item.

Note: This list may change if unforeseen circumstances arise. While we anticipate minimal issues and hold our customers and artists in high regard, guidelines are necessary for clarity.

Do You Have Fursonas?

Of course, we do!

What Types of Work Are Allowed?

We accept both NSFW and SFW art, but certain content is restricted, including gore, snuff, explicit acts with minors, bathroom-related themes, and non-consensual content. Additionally, we're working on digital and CD art portfolios and online stories for artists and authors interested in these offerings. If you're interested, get in touch with us for more information.

I Want to Sell Items on Your Site! How Do I Begin?

Great! Start by filling out our application form. Expect a follow-up from us soon. Make sure to include your social media (Twitter) and another contact method (Telegram or Skype preferred), along with your local time zone and preferred contact times. When we get in touch, be prepared to:

  • Share 2-6 samples of your favorite art pieces in your style.
  • Showcase completed products.
  • Set aside around 30-60 minutes for discussion.

What If My Question Isn't Listed Here?

Feel free to contact us with your question, and not only will we respond, but we'll also add it to this list for the benefit of others!