Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

We strive to operate a business that is inclusive, respectful, and productive. Please review the following to learn about how we work towards these goals, and what you’ll be expected to follow should your application be accepted.


Paw To Press is committed to presenting itself to the world as a business that fosters respect for inclusivity and diversity. The artists we represent and sell for are, by extension, a large part of that image. As such, there are some general guidelines that we need our artists to follow. 

We encourage and celebrate variety in our products, artists, staff, and ways of life. We do not accept any form of hate speech, bigotry, or exclusionary works targeting qualities such as, but not limited to, race, gender, orientation, or ability. If you are genuinely unsure, just ask—an honest question goes a long way to show that you care.

We want to offer our artists a safe place to showcase their talents and build up a positive reputation among their peers and supporters. In return, we expect our artists to respect and promote our business’s image and values. Please do not act in ways that would be detrimental to our business or our image. This not only includes the art you choose to upload for production, but also how you engage with the public, either in-person or online. If we find that you do not adhere to the values we hold while engaging with the public, your participation in our business will be reconsidered and possibly terminated.


While we would love to take everyone, it is just not logistically possible. That said, if you are accepted, consider yourself the cream of the crop! This means that either the owner or someone we work with has vouched for you and welcomed you into the family. Please keep this in mind, as you will also be able to nominate or vouch for someone to join the site once you are accepted. Acceptance is a privilege, and carries with it the responsibility of upholding our reputation and values.

Nominating or suggesting someone does not mean they will be automatically accepted. Factors like the time it takes to review new candidates, how many artists we currently have, and resources available to allocate to a new (to us) artist all impact how many nominations we can accept. Please only nominate or suggest those who produce high-quality work and who are likely to respect and uphold our reputation and values, as this makes it easier to evaluate them for approval.


When we go to a convention, we plan our stock up thirty days prior to the event. If you are going to be attending a convention that we sell at, please let us know no less than thirty days in advance so that we can adjust our stock accordingly, as we do not wish to compete with our own artists. This also allows us to bring more exposure to artists whose work would otherwise not be present at a convention.

As we are a product-based business, we humbly request that artists commit to producing new designs for products at least twice a year, preferably for dakimakura and/or mouse pads. We know that good art takes time, but a steady influx of new art is essential for maintaining a fresh, up-to-date catalog of products that encourage customers to keep coming back. If this is an issue for you, please reach out to us and let us know so we can explore alternative solutions. Otherwise, we will assume that you are no longer active and no longer wish to use our service.


There are many art styles, subjects, and imagery that our artists use to express themselves, but there are a few limits on what we are able to accept for production. These topics include, but are not limited to, non-consensual acts, snuff, body waste, or anything that is deemed as obscene by our staff. Please note that if the majority of your work falls under these or similar categories, we will be unable to accept your application.

Finally, all components of this packet (including the Terms of Service) may be updated without notice and as needed to address new concerns or provide clarification for existing standards. We highly recommend checking the website every so often to see if there have been any updates.