Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By using this website and/or submitting artwork, I have read, understood, and accepted all of the terms and conditions outlined in the Terms of Service (hereafter TOS) for Paw to Press’s website, artist information packet, and code of conduct. 

  • 1. Art Submissions

  • I acknowledge and agree that:

    1.1 All content I upload is that which I have created myself and of which I own the right to distribute. Uploading my art grants Paw to Press licence to produce products and promotional material using my content, but I retain the original ownership and distribution rights. Any content I upload that does not comply with the TOS and code of conduct or fails to meet the requirements set forth may be subject to approval before being accepted for use on the website.

    1.2 Upon acceptance to the website and by uploading my work, I am allowing products to be made for commercial use (to be sold) on the website, conventions, and direct sales to customers. Furthermore, I acknowledge that my content may be used for promotional materials.

    1.3 Any artwork I provide can be removed from the website if at any time the code of conduct or TOS is breached, or any other time that removal would be necessary as determined by Paw to Press.

    1.4 I can revoke my permissions at any time. If I choose to do so, all remaining stock will be allowed to be sold, either to me personally or to the public. I understand that any products that have already been put into production will be completed and made available for sale, either to me personally or to the public.

    1.5 Paw to Press reserves the right to refuse or remove materials from any part of the services they offer, including my artwork. They may also offer their services to my competitors, but will never share my confidential information with them in doing so. 

    1.6 In the event of an ownership dispute over an image, the image and its ownership and distribution rights will be transferred to the rightful owner, as determined by Paw to Press.

  • 2.Sales

  • I acknowledge and agree that:

    2.1 This application is for featuring my art on the website and is in no way a guarantee of additional sales.

    2.2 I am not guaranteed to have my products sold at any specific convention or through any specific direct sales method, but that all approved work will be made available on the website when possible following the terms outlined in the TOS.

  • 3.Payment

  • I acknowledge and agree that:

    3.1 Should my art be chosen for product production, I will be paid upfront in advance. I acknowledge that due to factors including, but not limited to, heavy upload volume or slow market sales, the release of new products may be slower than anticipated. I also understand that Paw to Press will not sell anything produced with my art without paying me in advance unless I have granted them express permission to do so.

  • 4. Contact Information

  • I acknowledge and agree that:

    4.1 I am responsible for keeping my email and contact information up to date. Paw to Press assumes no liability for any loss or damage from my failure to contact them when my contact information and/or payment information changes.